[tahoe-dev] Sighting reports [correction]

Kevan Carstensen kevan at isnotajoke.com
Wed Jul 14 21:06:45 UTC 2010

At 2010-07-13 20:45 (-0400), Kyle Markley wrote:

> I should have included more information in my report.  None of the storage
> servers are anywhere close to full -- they all have several GiB remaining,
> and the file being uploaded is only about 2 MiB.  The shares definitely
> should not have been rejected due to insufficient space.

Interesting! I've set aside some time to play with this issue tomorrow
-- hopefully I will be able to reproduce it. If you notice that it
happens with certain files, or after certain operations, or really after
any pattern at all (e.g., after the node has been running for longer
than n minutes/hours, after you do a deep-check/repair, after the wind
blows in a southeasterly direction, etc), please let me know -- it may
help me duplicate the issue.

Kevan Carstensen | <kevan at isnotajoke.com>

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