[tahoe-dev] Sighting reports [correction]

Kyle Markley kyle at arbyte.us
Thu Jul 15 05:02:10 UTC 2010

Hi Brian,

> The next step is to obtain a "flogfile" from your node. This should
> capture some of the information about the server-selection process
> (note: I don't know how much the new server-selection code logs about
> its decision-making inputs, but the flogfile is the right place for it
> to deliver this information).

I attached this to ticket #1118.  It's a small log and captures both
problems, the assert and the failure to place shares.  These problems seem
to be related, because I can reliably reproduce the share placement error
after hitting the assert error.

I've only captured the log from the unix machine that was performing the
tahoe backup.  I couldn't get flogtool running on Windows XP ("ImportError:
No module named run_flogtool") and didn't even try it on the other Windows
flavors.  If needed, I could try using the Report an Incident method for
those nodes, but I'm assuming the log from the node running the backup is
the important one.

Here are the last few lines of the flogtool console output showing the
failed upload.  Looks one node already has two shares?  Weird.

21:36:26.158 L20 []#470 CHKUploader starting
21:36:26.159 L20 []#471 starting upload of
<allmydata.immutable.upload.EncryptAnUploadable instance at 0x202f98a70>
21:36:26.159 L20 []#472 creating Encoder <Encoder for unknown storage
21:36:26.159 L20 []#473 file size: 2012449
21:36:26.159 L10 []#474 my encoding parameters: (2, 4, 4, 131072)
21:36:26.159 L20 []#475 got encoding parameters: 2/4/4 131072
21:36:26.159 L20 []#476 now setting up codec
21:36:26.174 L20 []#477 using storage index c3s5g
21:36:26.174 L20 []#478 <Tahoe2PeerSelector for upload c3s5g> starting
21:36:26.302 L10 []#479 response from peer 47cslusc: alreadygot=(),
21:36:26.305 L20 []#480 storage: allocate_buckets
21:36:26.308 L10 []#481 response from peer yuzbctlc: alreadygot=(0, 3),
21:36:26.315 L10 []#482 response from peer vjqcroal: alreadygot=(1,),
21:36:26.328 L10 []#483 response from peer sn4ana4b: alreadygot=(2,),
21:36:26.331 L20 []#484 web: PUT /uri/[CENSORED].. 500 1618

Kyle Markley

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