[tahoe-dev] Upload problem in 1.7.1

Kyle Markley kyle at arbyte.us
Tue Jul 20 02:31:27 UTC 2010

Hello developers,

I've just submitted ticket #1130, with a flogtool log:

I upgraded all my nodes to 1.7.1 hoping that upload problems would be
fixed, but quickly ran into a new (and easily reproducible) one.  I
attached the flogtool log.  In this circumstance it looks like all the
shares are already present on the grid, but that they need to be
redistributed to achieve happiness.

I think I had originally uploaded this file when I was configured to use
encoding parameters 2/3/4.  That may explain the original distribution of
the shares.  I assume it's legal for a client to change their parameters
(as I did, to 2/4/4) and continue using the grid.  In this case the share
needs to be migrated, but the migration doesn't happen.

I hope this is good fodder for unit tests.  :)

Kyle Markley

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