[tahoe-dev] Deleting illegal stuff

Jeffrey Schiller jeffrey.schiller at gmail.com
Sat Jul 24 14:32:55 UTC 2010

If the law enforcement agencies can provide you with the read-only
capability that they have, then you can in fact remove the illegal contact
from your storage server. Use the web interface on your tahoe node to view
the read-only directory. Click the “More Info about this directory” link.
This will give provide you with information about the directory. Among this
information will be the “Storage Index” (example):

    Storage Index: 3whyxcjiivw6rfksdkbqglw7ei

This will be the filename of the “bucket” that is used to store the
directory on your server. It will be under $(TAHOE_HOME)/storage/shares/ab
where “ab” are the first two letters of the storage bucket name. So for my
example above it would be in:


Just remove the “bucket” directory and the shares are gone.

Note: This will not delete the contained files. However unless someone
maintained a capability for each file (perhaps in another directory) then
the files will be inaccessible. If you really want to get rid of them, then
from the directory listing click the “More Info” for each file which will
give you its storage index. Remove this just like you would the directory.

Of course this only removes the content from your server. If there is a
quorum of shares elsewhere, then the capability with both work and can be
repaired, which will potentially replace shares on your server. So law
enforcement will need to serve all of the storage server owners in the grid.
But that isn't your problem (I think).

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