[tahoe-dev] Deleting illegal stuff

eurekafag eurekafag at eureka7.ru
Sat Jul 24 19:05:16 UTC 2010

24.07.2010 18:32, Jeffrey Schiller пишет:

Nice tip, thanks. But that's not an option, because:

> Of course this only removes the content from your server. If there is a
> quorum of shares elsewhere, then the capability with both work and can
> be repaired, which will potentially replace shares on your server. So
> law enforcement will need to serve all of the storage server owners in
> the grid. But that isn't your problem (I think).

That's still the problem of the outer node which gives web access to the
internet. Whether this stuff is hosted on my node or that node or
anywhere else it's still accessible via that node. Our web-enabled node
will give access to illegal files in any way, even if they are deleted
from some peers including (or not) that node. Maybe there should be an
option to ban the access to some files/directories for this particular
node? Then only those who directly participate in the network will get
what they want and this is really not my problem now. Of course, the
easiest way is to not give access from the web but sometimes it's needed
and blocking some files would be highly appreciated.

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