[tahoe-dev] privacy bug with google chart api

Terrell Russell terrellrussell at gmail.com
Sat Jul 24 21:12:11 UTC 2010

Also, consider flot for standalone javascript graph building.



On 7/24/10 5:00 PM, Brian Warner wrote:
> Yeah, I'd be happy to see that graph generated by something else. I'd
> also like to see graphs like that on all of our upload/download-status
> pages, not just mutable mapupdate. In particular, I've been putting off
> some #798 new-downloader work (the "OVERDUE" state machine, and the
> slow/fast-server selection code) until I've got better visualization
> tools to guide the changes.
> I've been experimenting with a javascript library called SIMILE[1] which
> provides a zoomable scrollable timeline widget, but I had some problems
> making it work correctly. A library like that would require Tahoe web
> clients to enable JS (which I've been avoiding for years now), but it
> wouldn't involve any external servers.
> cheers,
>  -Brian
> [1]: http://www.simile-widgets.org/timeline/

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