[tahoe-dev] Deleting illegal stuff

Jeffrey Schiller jeffrey.schiller at gmail.com
Sun Jul 25 01:32:31 UTC 2010

If you are running a public facing web server for your grid, you might want
to consider running a web proxy (say an Apache Proxy/ReverseProxy
arrangement). If you do this, you can add a block list via a URL re-write
within Apache to block access to a particular capability. Yes, this is an
ugly solution, but it would work.


On Sat, Jul 24, 2010 at 3:05 PM, eurekafag <eurekafag at eureka7.ru> wrote:

> 24.07.2010 18:32, Jeffrey Schiller пишет:
> Nice tip, thanks. But that's not an option, because:
> > Of course this only removes the content from your server. If there is a
> > quorum of shares elsewhere, then the capability with both work and can
> > be repaired, which will potentially replace shares on your server. So
> > law enforcement will need to serve all of the storage server owners in
> > the grid. But that isn't your problem (I think).
> That's still the problem of the outer node which gives web access to the
> internet. Whether this stuff is hosted on my node or that node or
> anywhere else it's still accessible via that node. Our web-enabled node
> will give access to illegal files in any way, even if they are deleted
> from some peers including (or not) that node. Maybe there should be an
> option to ban the access to some files/directories for this particular
> node? Then only those who directly participate in the network will get
> what they want and this is really not my problem now. Of course, the
> easiest way is to not give access from the web but sometimes it's needed
> and blocking some files would be highly appreciated.
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