[tahoe-dev] Tahoe benchmarking data

Chris Palmer chris at noncombatant.org
Mon Jul 26 21:38:24 UTC 2010

Brian Warner writes:

> The fastest data rate you're seeing here is 64MiB/14.80s, so about
> 4.47MB/s or roughly 35-40Mbps, which is probably about the middle of what
> you'd expect out of a 100Mbps ethernet (maybe a bit on the low side, but
> not by much). Was the client CPU pegged during the upload? I suspect
> you're CPU bound, but that overall your network is pretty close to being
> saturated too.

Max throughput of a 100 Mb/s link is about 12 MB/s.

This weekend I started some giant rsync-over-ssh jobs from my server to
these tiny little Fit PCs with 500 MHz AMD Geode processors using 100 MiB/s
wired Ethernet. SSH does indeed peg the CPU (surely, these CPUs aren't
*that* slow?! I guess they are, and that SSH is not great for throughput). I
got around 7.5 MiB/s, which I felt was unnecessarily low.

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