[tahoe-dev] two suggestions

Greg Troxel gdt at ir.bbn.com
Wed Jul 28 01:06:03 UTC 2010

playing with test grid, I have several suggestions:

  1) local web page should indicate IP address for servers that are not

  2) if a node has had a share placement refused, that should be
  indicated.  a count of 'servers accepting shares' should be given too;
  8/22 is one thing, but if it's 3/8/22 where only 3 accept shares, it's
  not healthy.

  3) everything in the WUI should be doable from the command line.  We
  need a systematic admin interface with full coverage of details.
  'tahoe check' should be able to list servers holding shares.

  4) tahoe check --repair should be able to force repair for files/dirs
  that don't satisfy the current encoding rules.  Even with 3/7/10 I get
  files with 2 shares each on 5, and they are marked healthy.  If there
  are servers that will take more shares, it's hard to call that healthy
  since it doesn't meet specs.

  5) it seems obvious that with expiration this won't work long-term.
  so why isn't expiry on by default?
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