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Thu Jul 29 04:57:20 UTC 2010

#1138: Timeout of Servermap Update
     Reporter:  eurekafag  |       Owner:  nobody                    
         Type:  defect     |      Status:  new                       
     Priority:  major      |   Milestone:  undecided                 
    Component:  unknown    |     Version:  1.7.1                     
   Resolution:             |    Keywords:  servermap, update, timeout
Launchpad Bug:             |  

Comment (by zooko):

 Thank you for the bug report. I think you are right that a ticket is a
 better way to get answers about this kind of thing than a mailing list
 message. (Although sending a mailing list message ''first'' is often a
 good way to start.)

 Our long-term plan to fix this problem is to make it so that uploads don't
 wait for a long time to get a response from a specific server but instead
 fail-over to another server. That's #873 (upload: tolerate lost or
 unacceptably slow servers).

 In the short-term, I'm not sure why setting the foolscap timeouts did not
 cause the upload to complete (whether successfully or failingly) more
 quickly. It is a mystery to me. Perhaps someone else could dig into the
 upload code and figure it out. One potentially productive way to do that
 would be to add more diagnostics to the status page, showing which
 requests to servers are currently outstanding and for how long they have

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