[tahoe-dev] Read-only Tahoe node

Shawn Willden shawn at willden.org
Mon Oct 4 14:19:31 UTC 2010

I'd like to make it possible to share files with people without also giving
them the ability to upload files to the grid, or to add their own node to
the grid and then upload files.

This requirement arises specifically from the desire to keep the volunteer
grid semi-secret.  I have files stored in the grid that I'd like to share by
giving a URL to people who don't use Tahoe.  Obviously, I could just expose
the WUI of my volunteer grid node to the world (currently, it's
firewalled).  But that would enable anyone who found my Tahoe node to upload
files into the grid.

My thought is that perhaps I can add a "read-only" node into a grid.  This
node would disable all elements of the WUI that can be used to create
mutable or immutable files, and its "welcome" page would not display the
introducer or helper FURLs.

That much seems pretty straightforward.  I'm guessing that I might also need
to disable some of the TUB interface as well, so no one can use it to inject
shares -- or is that an issue if the node in question is not a storage node?

If what I want can be made to work, I'll be happy to provide a read-only
node for the volunteer grid, running on a server with a very fast network
connection but no storage to speak of.  Then members of the volunteer grid
can use that node in URLs they share with non-Tahoe-using friends.  Perhaps
a few other read-only nodes can be added as well.


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