[tahoe-dev] how to see performance numbers (Re: linuxpal updated)

Greg Troxel gdt at ir.bbn.com
Tue Oct 5 23:47:33 UTC 2010

  Greg: would you be so kind as to open an issue ticket for this? Your
  suggestions about how to improve the UI sounded spot on.

Sure, and I filed into the easy bits and the hard bit separately:



  Whatever you do, don't fix linuxpal! We need linuxpal to keep
  misbehaving so that we can understand how to fix the clients to ignore
  misbehaving servers like that. ;-)

I have two theories:

  A) I ran 'find . -size +8192 | xargs rm' in the storage area on some
  nodes to reclaim space so I could repair 1 KB files.  I don't think I
  did this on linuxpal, as it still has lots free, and I think the ones
  I did it on are fine, but the theory is that this causes DYHB to say
  yes from some db and then choke when asked for it.  I don't really
  believe this theory.

  B) There is some firewall impairment.  Evidence for this theory is
  that if I stop my client and then restart it, then a deep check fails
  on servers-of-happiness issues promptly, and I get responses in a
  reasonable time from sunpal7 and linuxpal.

I'm looking at netstat on both ends, but I wonder if tahoe has any
keepalives/makedeads in the connections to servers.  There are a ton of
broken firewalls out there and having a ping to each server every few
minutes might help (esp if that is scoreboarded too and ping failures
are logged and cause teardown/reinit of the connection).

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