[tahoe-dev] insufficient storage space

slush slush at centrum.cz
Sat Oct 9 22:19:39 UTC 2010


I have troubles with uploading files to grid.

I'm uploading to volunteergrid with settings needed/happy/total = 1/1/3, but
HTTP PUT requests randomly return an exception "Failure:
allmydata.mutable.common.UncoordinatedWriteError: insufficient storage
space". Maybe it is bug in TahoeLAFS because there are at least two storage
nodes (local node and another node in the same room) with enough space. I'm
playing with the same source code for uploading for few weeks, but I saw
this problem for first time before few hours, when I migrated these two
nodes from 1.8.0c2/4 to 1.8.0 final.

Uploaded files are very small, around tens of kilobytes. When I immediately
retry uploading of failed file, it finished succesfully. So I don't think
there is no space available.

Is possible that there is any regression in uploader between 1.8.0 betas and
1.8.0 final?

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