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#1226: boutique VC in boutique language raises bar for contributions
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Comment (by zooko):

 Agreed that it is a valid ticket. I really like darcs and I really hate
 using git (although I really love git's data model. :-)), but I would be
 happy to use one of the big three revision control tools for Tahoe-LAFS
 solely because of the reason that is the focus of this ticket: lower the
 hurdle for Tahoe-LAFS contributors.

 One of the big sticking points for me is that we have a lot of
 infrastructure built around darcs that I would not want to lose. It
 certainly *can* all be replaced by equivalent infrastructure using other
 tools, but that is a lot of work and I am only modestly motivated to do
 all that work myself at this point.

 One promising way forward is to explore becoming multi-lingual in revision
 control tools. Brian Warner—a core developer who at last count had written
 far more Tahoe-LAFS code than anyone else—nowadays uses git exclusively
 and uses some sort of darcs<->git bridge hack to get his changes back into
 darcs. Maybe we could explore polishing up that hack and making it a
 supported way to operate. Paul "rockstar" Hummer and I are working on a
 darcs<->bzr bridge hack so that we can use the launchpad/ubuntu/canonical
 automation for building nightlies and uploading them into Ubuntu and

 So basically I'm saying: 1. I agree that this is an important issue, 2. I
 agree in principle that we ''ought'' to allow contributors to use at least
 one of the big three (git, bzr, hg), 3. It is a major job to convert all
 of our tools over, which I would be willing to help a little with, but not
 willing to do the whole thing by myself, 4. Let's explore multi-lingual-
 in-revision-control techniques and see how they work.

 Thanks for your many good bug reports, Greg.

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