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#1226: boutique VC in boutique language raises bar for contributions
     Reporter:  gdt                 |       Owner:  somebody 
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Comment (by warner):

 I've got a (private, so far) bidirectional darcs/git bridge running on
 hanford, which I manually cycle to get changes from one side to the other.
 Then I do all my work in git locally, using feature branches and rebasing
 and all the git goodness.

 The only thing that's been keeping me from publishing this repo to github
 is that there's one weird character in one comment which got translated
 incorrectly (there's a stray "\xc2" in Zooko's commit on 17-Dec-2007 which
 my tool converted into an "X", so the resulting comment says "welcXome",
 and I'd like it to say "welcome"). I've been working on the conversion
 tool (darcs-fast-export) this week in an attempt to re-do the conversion
 and fix that bug, but the process gets darcs into a "your repository is
 corrupted, please repair" state, and I haven't gotten past that yet.

 Hopefully this weekend I'll finish the re-conversion and publish the
 result. (one side-effect will be the generation of a table mapping darcs
 patchids to git revisionids). That will make it easier to talk about
 switching general development (and trac, etc) over to git. I think the
 process is doable, and desireable, but it will take some work (some
 scripts to crawl through the trac DB and replace wikilinks to their new
 revisionids, small updates to the buildbot config to issue git commands
 instead of darcs, medium updates to setup.py and some build
 infrastructure, etc). Once the master github branch is up, I can share my
 experiments in this direction more easily.

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