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#1223: got 'WrongSegmentError' during repair
     Reporter:  francois       |       Owner:  somebody                     
         Type:  defect         |      Status:  new                          
     Priority:  major          |   Milestone:  1.8.1                        
    Component:  code-encoding  |     Version:  1.8.0                        
   Resolution:                 |    Keywords:  regression repair performance
Launchpad Bug:                 |  

Comment (by warner):

 so I think there are two problems: one performance-harming, one crashing:

  * the read_encrypted(input_chunk_size) will read about segsize/k bytes at
 a time. When k=3 this isn't too bad, but when k=22, it starts to hurt
 (especially for a small file, or a short tail segment of a multiple-
 segment file). zfec wants data in pieces of that size (input_chunk_size
 comes from zfec), but that doesn't mean we have to do
 {{{read_encrypted()}}} in chunks of that size.
   * we should read full segments at a time, and then split them into
 {{{input_chunk_size}}} pieces after hashing. If we do it right, I don't
 think this will increase the memory footprint, although it will add
 another brief window where there's an extra 1*segsize in use (during the
 split and before we free the original segsize-sized buffer).
   * this performance problem is more significant with new-downloader than
 with old-downloader. I think old-downloader would have cached the
 ciphertext onto disk (the old {{{CacheFileManager}}} or something). A
 client doing sequential reads of small ranges would trigger a full
 download and then read tiny chunks off disk (really out of the kernel's
 dirty FS buffers) at RAM speeds. But new-downloader, which doesn't use a
 disk cache, responds to each read() call by fetching a single segment. But
 since it doesn't cache those segments anywhere, a client which does a lot
 of tiny reads will trigger a lot of segment fetches, taking a round-trip

  * the Repairer has probably been reading past the end of the input file
 all along. The old-downloader tolerated this (because it was really just
 reading the cachefile from disk). But the new-downloader does not, and in
 fact crashes when you ask it to {{{read()}}} with a starting offset that
 is beyond the end of the file
   * we should first fix Repairer to not do this, then we should fix new-
 downloader to tolerate it or at least raise a sensible exception

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