[tahoe-dev] making Tahoe nicer to hack on

Myckel Habets myckel at sdf.lonestar.org
Mon Oct 18 20:45:46 UTC 2010


I've got to know about Tahoe-LAFS through the bitcoin forum. I've setup
a topic about starting a tahoe-lafs grid within the bitcoin community
for them to join and use. The few people within that forum that tried
to install Tahoe-LAFS had some problems, largely caused by the things
you mentioned in your mail. So, as to an end user you hit the nail on
its head.

I've managed to get Tahoe-LAFS running on my Gentoo system (provided
updated ebuilds (with stripping out all the darcs-related dependencies)
on the gentoo bugzilla) and on MS Windows, which was difficult and had
to go through some hoops to get it running on that as well. I'm glad
someone is looking into this, to make it more easy for people to get it

I would also advise you to look at other python programs, to see how
they have solved those issues. No need to reinvent the wheel.

Dependencies aren't so much of a problem, as long as it is doing it's
job sufficiently enough to be a dependency, so Twisted isn't a problem
to me at all. Darcs-related stuff on the other hand should not be a
dependency for end users, as it isn't used by Tahoe-LAFS in the end.

I hope your improvements will find their way into the main releases.


Myckel Habets
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