[tahoe-dev] regarding the protocols used between client and storage server ?

sreenivasulu velpula v.sreenu at gmail.com
Tue Oct 19 16:52:52 UTC 2010


    In the presence of Gateway , the protocols used between client and gate
way are HTTP(S) / (S)FTP  and from gate way to storage server is TCP/SSL. In
this case GateWay will do the encryption and erasure coding.

  In the absence of Gate way, client will do the encryption, erasure coding
and send the data to storage servers. In this case, what is the protocol
used between client and storage servers? is it TCP/SSL ?

I didn't find any information about how to configure the Tahoe GateWay, can
any one tell, where can i find information on this ?

MTech(CS) 2nd Year
IIT Madras
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