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#451: webdav frontend
     Reporter:  warner             |       Owner:                           
         Type:  enhancement        |      Status:  new                      
     Priority:  major              |   Milestone:  eventually               
    Component:  code-frontend-web  |     Version:  1.0.0                    
   Resolution:                     |    Keywords:  webdav cache twisted gsoc
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Comment (by davidsarah):

 Replying to [comment:5 zooko]:
 > There exists a very old project to add webdav to twisted:

 This has a dependency on [http://sourceforge.net/projects/pyxml/files/
 PyXML], which is unmaintained.

 > And a branch within twisted: http://www.mail-archive.com/twisted-
 web at twistedmatrix.com/msg02169.html

 This code depended on Twisted web2, which is dead.
 [http://twistedmatrix.com/trac/ticket/3081#comment:7 Progress on
 reanimating this branch] seems slow.

 I think that [http://code.google.com/p/wsgidav/ wsgidav] is probably a
 better choice, because it [http://code.google.com/p/wsgidav/source/list
 seems to be actively maintained].

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