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#1159: make it possible to change appname, Python package-directory name, perhaps
other names
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Comment (by warner):

 Re .tac files:

 It's probably time for them to die. When I wrote the very first
 get-a-client-running framework (30-Nov-2006, wow), I copied the scheme I'd
 used in buildbot, since it was an easy way to get a daemon process

 The original idea of .tac files (and .tap and .tax files, their black-
 siblings) was to decouple the implementation of a service from the
 deployment. From a developer's point of view, it's pretty easy to create a
 service in the Twisted world: you make a subclass of
 {{{twisted.application.service.Service}}}, override
 {{{startService}}}/{{{stopService}}} to control startup/shutdown, and
 other services in a tree shape with {{{setServiceParent}}}.

 To actually start this, the cheap "{{{__main__}}}" way is to use
 {{{service.startService(); reactor.run()}}}, and the cheap way to
 it is to pass arguments into your service's constructor. But ops folks
 you know, *users*) who want to run your service don't want to write python
 code. And they might want to configure the service without writing python

 The "official" way to do this, at least as of 2006, was a Twisted tool
 '{{{mktap}}}'. This uses plugins (which you write just after you write
 Service subclass) to transform command-line arguments (a
 twisted.python.usage.Usage instance) into a fully-configured Service
 instance, and then serializes (with {{{pickle}}}) the Service out into a
 file. Then, later, you use '{{{twistd foo.tap}}}' to thaw out the Service
 start it running (properly daemonized and setuided and all). {{{twistd}}}
 would also serialize the Service object when you quit the process, so you
 could achieve persistence by running '{{{twistd foo-shutdown.tap}}}' on
 subsequent runs.

 Eventually {{{twistd}}} learned how to use the {{{mktap}}} plugins
 so I think you can run {{{twistd web --path .}}} to do the same thing as
 {{{mktap web --path . ; twistd web.tap}}} but without the leftover .tap

 But, pickle files are a drag, and the auto-persistence -shutdown.tap
 turned out to be a bad idea. Once you stop using pickle, then having a
 non-human-readable configuration/deployment file is a drag. So .tac (which
 a python program that provides a distinguished 'application' symbol, and
 evaluated by {{{twistd}}}) becomes reasonable.

 Anyways, the benefit of writing out a .tac file is that you could use the
 generic {{{twistd}}} to launch the service (assuming that everything is on
 your PYTHONPATH), which gives you a bunch of maybe-useful options for
 {{{--syslog, --profile, --rundir, --chroot, --uid, --reactor}}}. There are
 also some tools which make it easy to launch twistd-style jobs from
 {{{/etc/init.d/}}} initscripts, or from mac {{{LaunchAgent}}} plists.

 But, now that twistd is invokable as a library, it's easier to get those
 arguments without needing to duplicate them all in the '{{{tahoe start}}}'
 option parser. If we commit to having {{{bin/tahoe}}} be the only way to
 launch tahoe, then it can set up {{{sys.path}}} before importing

 So maybe what's left is to define a data file (perhaps named
 {{{client.tac}}}, for backwards compatibility), from which {{{tahoe
 can determine that it ought to instantiate an
 instead of an {{{allmydata.introducer.IntroducerNode}}}. And then change
 {{{tahoe start}}} to do whatever {{{pkg_resources.require}}} might really
 really be necessary before scanning the data file and doing the

 Or maybe {{{tahoe start}}} could look for "tahoe.cfg" to decide if the
 directory is really a tahoe nodedir, look either for a key in it or the
 presence of {{{client.tac}}}/{{{introducer.tac}}} to decide what top-level
 Service to instantiate, but then otherwise ignore the .tac file. And new
 versions of {{{tahoe create-node}}} could write the {{{nodetype=}}} key
 tahoe.cfg and *not* write the .tac file.

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