[tahoe-dev] Where the lines are...

Ted Rolle Jr. stercor at gmail.com
Sun Oct 31 00:50:13 UTC 2010

I was examining the Tahoe-LAFS Network Topology diagram at

The red lines include the Tahoe-LAFS client (web browser, for example, on a
local machine), HTTP(S) server (local? remote??, or can be either???), and
the Tahoe-LAFS storage client.  Is the Tahoe-LAFS storage client on the
local machine?  It appears to be since it's in the same red box as the
HTTP(S) server.  Then the Tahoe code that we download and run performs the
storage client function?

That sounds about right.

If this is the case, then _nothing_ goes out over the net unless it's
encrypted.  This is the best way.
If, however, the HTTP(S) server and Tahoe storage client are separated, then
we have a problem.

How does the HTTP(S) server connect to the storage client?  I'm somewhat
familiar with Apache;  would this be set up as a VirtualHost to port 3456?
How would the data go from Apache to the Tahoe storage client?

Is it possible for Tahoe-LAFS to be a mounted directory?  I'm taking this
from the Windows virtual drive concept.


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