[tahoe-dev] 1.9 surviving ticket list

Brian Warner warner at lothar.com
Tue Aug 2 05:01:39 UTC 2011

The upcoming 1.9 release is like your favorite "reality" TV show: 50
tickets enter the arena, but which ones will survive to reach beta1?
Root for your favorites by getting patches ready for review. Vote your
least favorites off the release train and condemn them to 1.10.

Last night was the deadline for "defect" tickets to get patches into the
review-needed state. Of the 43 defects potentially scheduled for 1.9,
the following 4 have patches which make them eligible for inclusion:

 #1384: detect available space with storage/shares/ instead of storage/
 #1398: make docs/performance.rst more precise
 #1441: tahoe debug --help is wrong about running coverage on debian
 #1454: remove misc/debian/

They join the enhancements still pending review:

 #393 : MDMF
 #1010: only advertise IP addresses when acting as a server
 #1425: blacklist
 #1429: automatically upload a file when inotify sees it in local directory

and a handful of low-risk docs changes which can land after we're in

We've landed and closed several tickets this week, including #1385 (stop
respecting pre-v1.3.0 config files) and #1268 (speed up large downloads
by merging Share.loop() calls). See [1] for the complete list.

I'll be moving the remaining 38-ish defects out of the 1.9 milestone
eventually.. probably next weekend, as I'm going to be offline much of
this week. Please focus your attention on reviewing and testing the 8
tickets listed above.

The release plan continues to be:

 1: review and land those 8 patches this week
 2: make a beta1 release next weekend (probably monday 8-aug)
 3: release 1.9 on wed 31-aug.

we must work while the clock she-is a-ticking!


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