[tahoe-dev] Trouble compiling on OSX

Olaf TNSB still.another.person at gmail.com
Thu Aug 4 05:51:05 UTC 2011

Hi David-Sarah,

On Thu, Aug 4, 2011 at 1:01 AM, David-Sarah Hopwood
<david-sarah at jacaranda.org> wrote:
> Can you please post the output of
>  python setup.py darcsver

When I don't have 'darcs' in my path I get the following output:
running darcsver
setup.py darcsver: didn't find version tags with darcs, and
['src/allmydata/_version.py'] don't exist.

However, when I copy darcs into my path...
running darcsver
setup.py darcsver: wrote '1.8.2-103' into src/allmydata/_version.py

I'd suggest a kinda:  if exists(darcs) ... else ...   code block.

> and then
>  make clean
>  python setup.py build
>  cat src/allmydata/_version.py
> ?

Unsurprisingly, when I've got darcs in my path, the version file looks sane.

# This is the version of this tree, as created by setup.py darcsver
from the darcs patch
# information: the main version number is taken from the most recent release
# tag. If some patches have been added since the last release, this will have a
# -NN "build number" suffix, or else a -rNN "revision number" suffix. Please see
# pyutil.version_class for a description of what the different fields mean.

__pkgname__ = "allmydata-tahoe"
verstr = "1.8.2-r5104"
    from pyutil.version_class import Version as pyutil_Version
    __version__ = pyutil_Version(verstr)
except (ImportError, ValueError):
    # Maybe there is no pyutil installed, or this may be an older version of
    # pyutil.version_class which does not support SVN-alike revision numbers.
    from distutils.version import LooseVersion as distutils_Version
    __version__ = distutils_Version(verstr)

Do you want the full build stdout too?

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