[tahoe-dev] Live Distribution with compiled Tahoe-Lafs

rvny at mail.ru rvny at mail.ru
Fri Aug 26 08:35:36 UTC 2011

Today is anonced Tahoe version 1.90a1.

I Update my compilation, build with SuseStudio Live Image (CD,DVD,USB,Virtual) with tahoe 1.9.0a1.

My project hosted at http://code.google.com/p/tahoe-lafs/ And aviable under GPL V3. 
Then you add link to my page in main page on tahoe-lafs.org  (in section Download)?
All user's not need compiled, read and install Tahoe. It's easy - Distribution with integrated worked Tahoe. Becouse GPL v3 user's can copy, modify my project on SuseGallery http://susegallery.com/a/FOqCQ8/tahoe-lafs-renats

Than's. Or you not need my help? ((((


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