[tahoe-dev] Mount tahoe-lafs with pyfilesystem and Dokan on Windows XP

Marco Tedaldi marco.tedaldi at gmail.com
Wed Aug 31 04:19:29 UTC 2011


On 30.08.2011 23:55, Vlastimil Ovčáčík wrote:

> - is there a public grid for backup purposes?
Yes and no. It is not public. But if you agree with the rules, it should
be no problem to join, Take a look at Volunteergrid-2
It is run and used by volunteers. Everyone contributes some of his
diskspace (500G to 1T atm) and tries to meet the uptime/reliability
requirements. In exchange you can use the

> Hoping google will stumble upon this email I will include how to mount
> tahoe-lafs with pyfilesystem and Dokan on Windows:

Wow, thank you for the info! That's really cool!



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