[tahoe-dev] Doubts about time taken to upload a file

sreenivasulu velpula v.sreenu at gmail.com
Mon Jan 3 11:47:46 UTC 2011


   I have set up the Grid with default configuration ( N= 10  k=3)

  I have uploaded a same 4MB file 10 times and  i measured the time to
upload a file using python script(time taken between start of upload and
getting of Cap string).
  Following are the times for uploading a  same 4MB file 10 times.

    upload of a same 4MB file 10 times
     First time      : * 12.91693 sec*

     Second time :  1.475234 sec

     Third time     :  1.420883 sec

                          1.410683 sec

                          1.371741 sec

                          1.424991 sec

                          1.402836 sec

                          1.423402 sec

                          1.414753 sec

   Tenth time:      1.430242 sec

For the first time, upload  has taken 12.91693 sec and for the remaining
uploads, it has taken around 1 sec.

Can any one tell why is there a big difference compared to the initial
upload time and  remaining upload times?

Is it because of key creation for the initial file upload? and I have not
set up any Tahoe BackupDB.

MTech(CS) 2nd Year
IIT Madras
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