[tahoe-dev] Question about one-node network

Michael Coppola coppola.mi at husky.neu.edu
Tue Jan 4 06:57:36 UTC 2011

Hi list,

I currently have a Tahoe-LAFS network that only has one server.  This
one server is both a storage node and the introducer.  The
shares.needed, shares.total, and shares.happy values are all set to 1. 
I plan to add more storage nodes to this network in the near future, but
I was wondering what would happen to the files I've originally
uploaded.  Once I add the additional nodes and raise the N, K, and H
values, will I still be able to access these original files (since the
files will not have been distributed across the new value of H nodes
when they were originally uploaded)?  If not, is there a way to tell
Tahoe-LAFS to replicate the pieces to H nodes after the fact?  Thanks.


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