[tahoe-dev] FAQ? - What happens if I loose the Tahoe-LAFS gateway machine? production ready?

Carsten Krüger C.Krueger at gmx.org
Wed Jan 5 20:56:13 UTC 2011


maybe it's a FAQ but I didn't find an answer on the website.

What happens if I loose the gateway?
Did the informations on the storage servers are sufficent to "rebuild" the hole system?
Is the index etc. stored in a distributed way?

If not: what files of the gateway have to be backuped?
What amount of data is expected to be backuped from the gateway if you distribute 1 TB of
data (10.000 files) to 20 storage servers.

I would like to use LAFS for a distributed backup but I'm unsure if it's fitting for that purpose.

Is LAFS stable enough for production use?
storage servers: windows xp, gateway server windows 2k3 or linux


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