[tahoe-dev] FAQ? - What happens if I loose the Tahoe-LAFS gateway machine? production ready?

Carsten Krüger C.Krueger at gmx.org
Wed Jan 5 22:26:40 UTC 2011

Hello Brian,

> The gateway is merely that: a gateway between your HTTP-speaking client
> and the Tahoe storage grid. Nothing on the gateway needs to be backed-up
> or preserved.

> What matters most is the filecap, dircap, or "rootcap" under which you
> stored your data. You must retain access to that string.

This is only a small amount of data that never changes?

> As long as you still have the rootcap, then you can use a different
> gateway to get your data back: there can be lots of gateways for a
> single grid, and you can paste the rootcap into any of them and get back
> to your data. Every Tahoe node is a gateway, although you may not be
> able to reach the HTTP port on all of them.

Is it possible to restore all my data if my one and only gateway disappaers
and I only have the "config/keys" of that gateway?

For example I've one server in company that is also LAFS gateway,
at creation of LAFS gateway it I do a backup of the config/keys on dvd.
The server's data is nightly backuped to LAFS, RAID of server crashs.
Can I recover all my data with that dvd and 3-of-10 clients?

> The default encoding parameters are "3-of-10", which means that e.g. a

You got me wrong. I want to know if there is changeing metadata that has to
be backuped to restore all the data in the grid.

> Yes. It's quite stable. You'll need to experiment to see if it is fast
> enough for your purposes, but I've got no concerns about its stability.

Speed is no problem. 5 mb/s of write speed in a gigabit network would be good enough for me.

> Linux is always better, of course :). But if you can get Tahoe-LAFS
> running on those windows boxes (sometimes it's harder to get the
> dependencies installed on windows), then you shouldn't see much of a
> difference at runtime.

I'll try :-)


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