[tahoe-dev] new foolscap version requirement

Zooko O'Whielacronx zooko at zooko.com
Thu Jan 6 07:51:29 UTC 2011

Okay here is a version that I actually manually tested and that
actually works on my machine. I would be satisfied with including this
in trunk provided all the buildslaves passed tests with this patch.

1 patch for repository zooko at dev.allmydata.org:/home/darcs/tahoe-lafs/trunk:

Thu Jan  6 00:48:40 MST 2011  zooko at zooko.com
  * setup: don't require foolscap >= 0.6.0 if you already have an
installation of Twisted < 10.2
  If you already have a Twisted < 10.2 then you can certainly get by
with a foolscap >= 0.5.1. If you do not already have an installation
of Twisted < 10.2 then you almost certainly need a foolscap >= 0.6.0.

New patches:

[setup: don't require foolscap >= 0.6.0 if you already have an
installation of Twisted < 10.2
zooko at zooko.com**20110106074840
 Ignore-this: d2c0eaa1519a276aa15b87ddb488f6e
 If you already have a Twisted < 10.2 then you can certainly get by
with a foolscap >= 0.5.1. If you do not already have an installation
of Twisted < 10.2 then you almost certainly need a foolscap >= 0.6.0.
] {
hunk ./src/allmydata/_auto_deps.py 1
+import pkg_resources
 # Note: do not import any module from Tahoe-LAFS itself in this
 # file. Also please avoid importing modules from other packages than
 # the Python Standard Library if at all possible (exception: we rely
hunk ./src/allmydata/_auto_deps.py 7
 # on importing pkg_resources, which is provided by setuptools,
-# zetuptoolz, distribute, and perhaps in the future distutils2, for
-# the require_auto_deps() function.)
+# zetuptoolz, distribute, and perhaps in the future distutils2).

                   # we require newer versions of setuptools (actually
hunk ./src/allmydata/_auto_deps.py 22
                   "Twisted >= 2.4.0",

-                  # foolscap < 0.5.1 had a performance bug which spent
-                  # O(N**2) CPU for transferring large mutable files
-                  # of size N.
-                  # foolscap < 0.6 is incompatible with Twisted 10.2.0.
-                  "foolscap[secure_connections] >= 0.6.0",
                   "Nevow >= 0.6.0",

                   # Needed for SFTP. pyasn1 is needed by
twisted.conch in Twisted >= 9.0.
hunk ./src/allmydata/_auto_deps.py 33
                   #"windmill >= 1.3",

+def get_package_version_tuple_from_setuptools(pkgname):
+    try:
+        return
+    except pkg_resources.DistributionNotFound:
+        return None
+twistedver = get_package_version_tuple_from_setuptools('Twisted')
+if twistedver and (twistedver < pkg_resources.parse_version('10.2')):
+    # If you already have Twisted < 10.2 installed, then you need
+    # foolscap >= 0.5.1. foolscap < 0.5.1 had a performance bug which
+    # spent O(N**2) CPU for transferring large mutable files of size
+    # N.
+    install_requires.append('foolscap[secure_connections] >= 0.5.1')
+    # Else, you need foolscap >= 0.6. (This is because you either
+    # already have Twisted >= 10.2 installed, or you have no version
+    # of Twisted installed, and when this build system automatically
+    # downloads one for you it is going to get one >= 10.2. If you end
+    # up with Twisted >= 10.2 then you require foolscap >= 0.6.)
+    install_requires.append('foolscap[secure_connections] >= 0.6.0')
 import platform
 if platform.machine().lower() in ['i386', 'x86_64', 'amd64', 'x86', '']:
     # pycryptopp v0.5.20 fixes bugs in SHA-256 and AES on x86 or amd64
hunk ./src/allmydata/_auto_deps.py 126

-    import pkg_resources
     for requirement in install_requires:


[NEWS: 'top' for node processes, WUI formatting, removal of GUI apps,
documentation updates, foolscap dependency. refs #174, #1219, #1225
david-sarah at jacaranda.org**20110106005727
 Ignore-this: f61ac58b4d10e635feb6f7391b1b48fe
[Makefile: update 'clean' target for files in bin/
david-sarah at jacaranda.org**20110103052738
 Ignore-this: 2bdbc4a50e13e508b66d0f65718c79b2
[bin/tahoe-script.template: On non-Windows, invoke support/bin/tahoe
directly as a script (rather than via python), so that 'top' for
example will show it as 'tahoe'. On Windows, simplify some code that
set argv[0], which is never used. fixes #174
david-sarah at jacaranda.org**20101127232650
 Ignore-this: 42a86f3eecfdc1ea7b76a7cc68626898
[test_runner: avoid unnecessary use of non-ASCII.
david-sarah at jacaranda.org**20110101100101
 Ignore-this: e2ff40dce6bb3b021306f2913d4e75df
[docs/quickstart.html: fix redundant, badly nested tag. refs #1284
david-sarah at jacaranda.org**20110102175159
 Ignore-this: 2ae9cc0b47d2e87b9eb64a0f517c4eef
[docs/quickstart.html: information about 'troublesome dependencies'
and 'verified systems' de-emphasized by smaller italic font. Re-wrap
so that the HTML source is readable (just about) as text. Minor
wording tweaks. Improve organization by adding 'Windows Caveats'
subsection. fixes #1284
david-sarah at jacaranda.org**20110102174212
 Ignore-this: e9dc57983974478200856651c5318fee
[docs: update performance.rst to describe the difference between
already-uploaded and not-already-uploaded, to parameterize segment
size, and to use "~A" to mean "approximately A"
zooko at zooko.com**20110104065455
 Ignore-this: 8df0d79a062ee19854c0211bd202f606
[NEWS: update entry for removal of Mac and Windows apps. refs #1282
david-sarah at jacaranda.org**20101226042245
 Ignore-this: c8099bc6e8235718d042c9a13c1e2425
[Move dependency imports from windows/depends.py (which has gone away)
into src/allmydata/windows/tahoesvc.py. Also fix a pyflakes warning,
and change the service display name from 'Allmydata Tahoe Node' to
'Tahoe-LAFS node'. refs #1282
david-sarah at jacaranda.org**20101226042100
 Ignore-this: ee45f324934e1251380206dbee6346d0
[Remove unmaintained Windows GUI app, except for windows/tahoesvc.py
which is moved to src/allmydata/windows. refs #1282
david-sarah at jacaranda.org**20101226040237
 Ignore-this: cae37b6622a7dd5940acc7d3e6a98b90
[Remove the Makefile targets relating to the Mac GUI app. refs #1282
david-sarah at jacaranda.org**20101226025859
 Ignore-this: 75303be783974b41138744ec62b07965
[NEWS: remove unmaintained Mac GUI app. refs #1282
david-sarah at jacaranda.org**20101226020858
 Ignore-this: 40474a07f4a550b48563d35350be7ab5
[Remove unmaintained Mac GUI app. fixes #1282
david-sarah at jacaranda.org**20101226020508
 Ignore-this: b3613bf1abfd284d542bf7c753ec557a
[Remove src/allmydata/util/find_exe.py which is no longer used. fixes #1150
david-sarah at jacaranda.org**20101226023206
 Ignore-this: 7436c9b53bf210aed34a1a973cd9cace
freestorm77 at gmail.com**20110102034214
 Ignore-this: 29f1ecb36177f10f3f846b3d56b313b2

 I make some changes on status web pages

 - Delete unused webform_css link
 - Align tables on the left

 - Do some minor changes on code synthax
 - changes table.status-download-events style to look like other tables

 - Align table on the left
 - Changes table header
 - Add heading tags
 - Modify google api graph: add image border, calculate height to feet data

 signed-off-by: zooko at zooko.com
 fixes #1219
[test_storage.py: fix a pyflakes unused import warning.
david-sarah at jacaranda.org**20101231220756
 Ignore-this: df08231540cb7dff9d2b038e47ab30ee
[test_storage.py: leave at least 512 MiB free when running
test_large_share. refs #1195
david-sarah at jacaranda.org**20101231203215
 Ignore-this: b2144c0341c3452b5d4ba219e284ea0e
[storage: use fileutil's version of get_disk_stats() and
get_available_space(), use mockery/fakery in tests, enable large share
test on platforms with sparse files and if > 4 GiB of disk space is
currently available
zooko at zooko.com**20100910173629
 Ignore-this: 1304f1164c661de6d5304f993eb9b27b
[fileutil: copy in the get_disk_stats() and get_available_space()
functions from storage/server.py
zooko at zooko.com**20100910173520
 Ignore-this: 8b15569715f710f4fc5092f7ca109253
[Update foolscap version requirement to 0.6.0, to address
david-sarah at jacaranda.org**20101231060039
 Ignore-this: 98d2b8086a1a500b9f4565bca5a3810
[docs/webapi.rst: typos.
david-sarah at jacaranda.org**20101230034422
 Ignore-this: d1f5166d72cc711f7e0d9981eac9105e
[docs/webapi.rst: capitalization, formatting of section on URL
character encoding, and a correction about Internet Explorer.
david-sarah at jacaranda.org**20101230034049
 Ignore-this: b3b9819d2fb264b4cdc5c8afd4e8c48d
[docs: corrections and clarifications.
david-sarah at jacaranda.org**20101227051056
 Ignore-this: e33202858c7644c58f3f924b164294b6
[docs: more formatting cleanups and corrections. Spell webapi and wapi
as web-API.
david-sarah at jacaranda.org**20101227050533
 Ignore-this: 18b23cbfb780df585d8a722a1ec63e94
[docs/debian.rst: bring description of building dependencies from
source up-to-date, and change hostname from allmydata.com to
david-sarah at jacaranda.org**20101212222912
 Ignore-this: f38462afc88b4475195610385a28391c
[docs/architecture.rst: correct rst syntax.
david-sarah at jacaranda.org**20101212202003
 Ignore-this: 3fbe12feb28bec6f1c63aedbc79aad21
[docs/architecture.rst: formatting.
david-sarah at jacaranda.org**20101212201719
 Ignore-this: 305fa5dfc2939355eaf6d0d2161eb1ff
[docs: linkification, wording improvements.
david-sarah at jacaranda.org**20101212201234
 Ignore-this: 4e67287f527a8bc728cfbd93255d2aae
[docs: formatting.
david-sarah at jacaranda.org**20101212201115
 Ignore-this: 2e0ed394ac7726651d3a4f2c4b0d3798
[docs/configuration.rst: more formatting tweaks; which -> that.
david-sarah at jacaranda.org**20101212195522
 Ignore-this: a7becb7021854ca5a90edd892b36fdd7
[docs/configuration.rst: more changes to formatting.
david-sarah at jacaranda.org**20101212194511
 Ignore-this: 491aac33e5f5268d224359f1447d10be
[docs/configuration.rst: changes to formatting (mainly putting
commands and filenames in monospace).
david-sarah at jacaranda.org**20101212181828
 Ignore-this: 8a1480e2d5f43bee678476424615b50f
[scripts/backupdb.py: more accurate comment about path field.
david-sarah at jacaranda.org**20101212170320
 Ignore-this: 50e47a2228a85207bbcd188a78a0d4e6
[scripts/cli.py: fix missing 'put' in usage example for 'tahoe put'.
david-sarah at jacaranda.org**20101212170207
 Ignore-this: 2cbadf066fff611fc03d3c0ff97ce6ec
[docs/frontends/CLI.rst: changes to formatting (mainly putting
commands and filenames in monospace), and to command syntax to reflect
that DIRCAP/... is accepted. Clarify the syntax of 'tahoe put' and
other minor corrections. Tahoe -> Tahoe-LAFS.
david-sarah at jacaranda.org**20101212165800
 Ignore-this: a123ef6b564aa8624d1e79c97068ea12
[docs/frontends/CLI.rst: Unicode arguments to 'tahoe' work on Windows
as of v1.7.1.
david-sarah at jacaranda.org**20101212063740
 Ignore-this: 3977a99dfa86ac33a44171deaf43aaab
[docs/known_issues.rst: fix title and linkify another URL. refs #1225
david-sarah at jacaranda.org**20101212062817
 Ignore-this: cc91287f7fb51c23440b3d2fe79c449c
[docs/known_issues.rst: fix an external link. refs #1225
david-sarah at jacaranda.org**20101212062435
 Ignore-this: b8cbf12f353131756c358965c48060ec
[Fix a link from uri.rst to dirnodes.rst. refs #1225
david-sarah at jacaranda.org**20101212054502
 Ignore-this: af6205299f5c9a33229cab259c00f9d5
[Fix a link from webapi.rst to FTP-and-SFTP.rst. refs #1225
david-sarah at jacaranda.org**20101212053435
 Ignore-this: 2b9f88678c3447ea860d6b61e8799858
[More specific hyperlink to architecture.rst from helper.rst. refs #1225
david-sarah at jacaranda.org**20101212052607
 Ignore-this: 50424c768fca481252fabf58424852dc
[Update hyperlinks between docs, and linkify some external references.
refs #1225
david-sarah at jacaranda.org**20101212051459
 Ignore-this: cd43a4c3d3de1f832abfa88d5fc4ace1
[docs/specifications/dirnodes.rst: fix references to mutable.rst. refs #1225
david-sarah at jacaranda.org**20101212012720
 Ignore-this: 6819b4b4e06e947ee48b365e840db37d
[docs/specifications/mutable.rst: correct the magic string for v1
mutable containers. refs #1225
david-sarah at jacaranda.org**20101212011400
 Ignore-this: 99a5fcdd40cef83dbb08f323f6cdaaca
[Move .txt files in docs/frontends and docs/specifications to .rst. refs #1225
david-sarah at jacaranda.org**20101212010251
 Ignore-this: 8796d35d928370f7dc6ad2dafdc1c0fe
[Convert docs/frontends and docs/specifications to reStructuredText
format (not including file moves).
david-sarah at jacaranda.org**20101212004632
 Ignore-this: e3ceb2d832d73875abe48624ddbb5622
[scripts/cli.py: remove the disclaimer in the help for 'tahoe cp' that
it does not handle non-ASCII filenames well. (At least, we intend to
handle them.)
david-sarah at jacaranda.org**20101130002145
 Ignore-this: 94c003efaa20b9eb4a83503d79844ca
[relnotes.txt: fifth -> sixth labor-of-love release
zooko at zooko.com**20101129045647
 Ignore-this: 21c245015268b38916e3a138d256c09d
[Makefile: BB_BRANCH is set to the empty string for trunk, not the
string 'trunk'.
david-sarah at jacaranda.org**20101128233512
 Ignore-this: 5a7ef8eb10475636d21b91e25b56c369
[relnotes.txt: eleventh -> twelfth release.
david-sarah at jacaranda.org**20101128223321
 Ignore-this: 1e26410156a665271c1170803dea2c0d
[relnotes.tst: point to known_issues.rst, not known_issues.txt.
david-sarah at jacaranda.org**20101128222918
 Ignore-this: 60194eb4544cac446fe4f60b3e34b887
[quickstart.html: fix link to point to allmydata-tahoe-1.8.1.zip.
david-sarah at jacaranda.org**20101128221728
 Ignore-this: 7b3ee86f8256aa12f5d862f689f3ee29
[TAG allmydata-tahoe-1.8.1
david-sarah at jacaranda.org**20101128212336
 Ignore-this: 9c18bdeaef4822f590d2a0d879e00621
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