[tahoe-dev] new foolscap version requirement

Greg Troxel gdt at ir.bbn.com
Fri Jan 7 20:00:58 UTC 2011

quick comment (without reading the whole foolscap/twisted discussion as
thorougly as I should):

  it is totally fair to expect the OS/packaging system to have versions
  of foolscap and twisted that work *with each other*

  it is not reasonable to demand versions of dependencies that haven't
  been out for at least 3-6 months unless there is some really critical
  reason why the grief is outweighed by the benefit

  tahoe should be able to cope with either bleeding edge
  foolscap/twisted or the ones that work together and were current 3
  months ago

as to your quiz

  3. You have Twisted < 10.2 and Foolscap < 0.6.0 installed. You build
  Tahoe-LAFS. It is satisfied with the packages already installed
  (because 1=>a). Then you manually upgrade your Twisted to == 10.2.
  Then you do *not* run Tahoe-LAFS's "python setup.py build" again, but
  you do run "tahoe start". What do you want it to do?

  option a: emit a clear error message saying that it has Foolscap
  v0.5.1 installed but it needs Foolscap v0.6.0 and stop.

  option b: ?

user has broken their install because they updated twisted and not
foolscap, and new twisted requires new foolscap so option a is totally

I am firmly in the "fail if things are not ok" camp vs the "do magic to
make it work" camp.
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