[tahoe-dev] upcoming 1.8.2 release: freeze in one week!

Brian Warner warner at lothar.com
Mon Jan 10 04:49:51 UTC 2011

Greetings Tahoe-LAFS developers!

I've agreed to be the release manager for the upcoming 1.8.2 . This will
be a pretty small release: the main goal is to fix the somewhat
embarassing incompatibility with the recent Twisted-10.2 release (ticket
#1286). We're also aiming to get in a few other small fixes while we're
at it[1], the biggest being #755 (make deep-repair tolerate broken
unrepairable files and directories).

The plan is to freeze in a week (Monday, January 17th), and then cut the
final release a week later (about Monday, January 24th). If you've got
small non-destabilizing fixes that you want to get into this release,
get a patch up on trac, add a "review-needed" keyword to the ticket[2],
and pester someone responsible to review+land them before the 17th. If
they're too big, we'll hold off landing them until after 1.8.2 has
shipped, but get them into review anyways so they'll be ready to go as
soon as the tree re-opens.

After 1.8.2 is out the door, we'll start landing some more destabilizing
patches, in particular some of the GSoC work and some of my Accounting
work, aiming at a 1.9.0 release in a couple of months.


[1]: http://tahoe-lafs.org/trac/tahoe-lafs/milestone/1.8.2

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