[tahoe-dev] [tahoe-lafs] #1310: backupdb.sqlite (and all other state in ~/.tahoe?) should be scoped to the --node-url option if it is present

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Sat Jan 15 05:14:19 UTC 2011

#1310: backupdb.sqlite (and all other state in ~/.tahoe?) should be scoped to the
--node-url option if it is present
 Reporter:  zooko              |           Owner:  warner   
     Type:  defect             |          Status:  new      
 Priority:  major              |       Milestone:  undecided
Component:  code-frontend-cli  |         Version:  1.8.1    
 Keywords:  usability          |   Launchpad Bug:           
 I use multiple grids (pub grid, volunteergrid, and a private family grid),
 and I just now had a confusing error where I ran {{{tahoe backup}}} and it
 completed quickly but produced a backup directory full of links to files
 with 0 shares each.

 What happened, of course, was that I had previously run {{{tahoe backup
 --node-url=}}} to backup these files to my family
 grid, and now I was running {{{tahoe backup --node-
 url=}}} to backup these files to the volunteergrid,
 but I was unwittingly using the same {{{backupdb.sqlite}}}.

 I wonder if, when the {{{--node-url}}} option is present, then the CLI
 shouldn't look into {{{~/.tahoe}}} at all. Most of the configuration and
 state in {{{~/.tahoe}}} is specific to the gateway that the {{{--node-
 url}}} points to, and the CLI will ignore it anyway and instead whatever
 configuration is in the tahoe-base-dir that is used by the gateway will
 take effect.

 The only exception that I can think of right away is the
 {{{private/backupdb.sqlite}}}. Is that the only thing that affects the CLI
 when {{{--node-url}}} is present? Maybe it should be kept in a different

 I think I'm a bit confused about this. I'm not sure what all it means that
 there exists a {{{~/.tahoe}}} when I'm actually using a gateway which runs
 as a separate user process, is specified by the {{{--node-url}}} option,
 and it has its own {{{~/.tahoe}}} in its own user account. As a work-
 around and a way to gain clarity, I'll probably start specifying
 {{{--node-directory}}} in addition to {{{--node-url}}}, but this really
 feels wrong as it isn't a node directory at all! It is a CLI directory.

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