[tahoe-dev] the release train is rolling!

Brian Warner warner at lothar.com
Mon Jan 17 09:52:48 UTC 2011

The weekend Tahoe Review Party is rolling along, cranking out work on
the upcoming 1.8.2 release. The target code freeze is tomorrow night
(monday, say around 11pm PST). We're down to 12 tickets left to resolve,
all of which are getting really close:

  #585  bbfreeze
  #668  easy_install
  #1054 ImportError setuptools_darcs
  #1287 'tahoe --version' can show wrong versions
  #1274 eliminate pywin32 dependency
  #1326 don't require new foolscap with old twisted
  #1329 foolscap 'sets' DeprecationWarning flunks tahoe tests

  Most of these have patches, and our packaging-ninjas Zooko and
  David-Sarah are pushing them through the review process. We're still
  trying to decide how to resolve #1326 and #1329, we have multiple
  options, but nobody's expressed a strong preference one way or the
  other. #1329 is critical, since unit tests fail without some sort of
  resolution. I think most of these will probably land tomorrow, but I
  won't hold up the release for anything other than #1329.

  #755  deep-check vs unrecoverable subdirectory
  #1293 servers-of-happiness when K=1
  #1292 'tahoe rm' without a path

  #755 has a good patch but needs some new tests. It's been around for a
  while, and would be great to fix, so we're eager to get it in. #1293
  is probably easy but doesn't yet have a patch and is likely to be a
  funky special-casing that needs careful thought. #1292 has a good
  patch but needs some docs explaining what "delete" means in a
  filesystem graph, which may prove too hard to get written up before
  the freeze. I'd consider holding up the release for #755 if it looks

  #1240 functional test of ResponseCache
  #1296 'tahoe debug trial'

  #1240 is a wishlist item for 1.8.2: I'll cheerfully drop it if a patch
  doesn't materialize in the next day. #1296 is a nice bit of
  refactoring that makes it easier to run Tahoe's built-in test suite
  against the right set of code (and dependencies). There are some
  review comments pending, and it needs to be refreshed to match current
  trunk, but I think it's likely to make it in.

The plan is to freeze the code tomorrow night, then spend the week
testing and writing release notes, then announce the final release next
weekend (target date is 23-Jan-2011).

If any of the above tickets hold your interest, please jump in! Reviews,
advice, and testing are always welcome. If you have a favorite ticket
that you think should get into 1.8.2, you're welcome to try to convince
me :-). Such tickets would need to have a good patch in place (with
tests and docs), easy to review, should not be too invasive or
destabilizing, and should represent significant benefit to users,
developers, or packagers.

And, once we've frozen for release, please help test! There are a bunch
of packaging changes in this one, so we really want to exercise the
quick-start instructions on a wide variety of platforms and make sure
it's as easy to install as we think it is.

rock on!
 -Brian, release manager for 1.8.2

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