[tahoe-dev] Restricting storage server network interface

Brian Warner warner at lothar.com
Fri Jan 21 02:24:22 UTC 2011

On 1/19/11 4:53 PM, Jody Harris wrote:
> I think so.
> open .tahoe/tahoe.cfg and look at the tublocation line.
> Take out the IP:Ports you don't want to advertise.

In particular, make tub.location look like "host:port,host:port" for
whatever you want to advertise. If tub.location is missing, Tahoe does
the auto-interface-detect thing and puts all the results in the FURL
that it publishes through the Introducer. If tub.location is present, it
just copies the value into the FURL. You can also use this to publish
DNS names instead of IP addresses, if you like.

If you want to make it *bind* on a specific interface, put that in
tub.port, with something like "tcp:12345:interface=". If tub.port
is missing, it binds to all interfaces. I don't think you can use
multiple "interface=" clauses: you can bind to one, or all, but nothing

(the same syntax is used for web.port)

hope that helps,

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