[tahoe-dev] release progress: almost frozen, release pushed back one week

Brian Warner warner at lothar.com
Fri Jan 21 23:42:37 UTC 2011

According to the 1.8.2 Milestone[1], we've got just two bugs left open.
#668 is probably code-complete, but it sounds like it's waiting for a
manual test before we can consider it closed. #585 is waiting one more
patch to deal with .tac files. As soon as we close those two bugs,
hopefully within the next 12 hours, we'll declare the tree code-frozen.
Given how far we've missed the original freeze target, I'm going to push
out the release by one week: the new target is 30-Jan (a saturday).

Once we've frozen the tree, all commits must be approved by the release
manager (me). I'll create a beta tarball and start asking for increased
testing from that snapshot, then I'll be updating NEWS and other
release-specific docs files over the course of the week. Towards the end
of the week I'll release an RC1 tarball that should have final updated
docs for review, and then on the 30th I'll convert that into the real
1.8.2 final, publish it, and unfreeze the tree.

We'll also be sending out the call for increased platform-specific
testing after the freeze: I'm going to be asking all our platform
experts to give me a green-light/red-light for our core platforms during
the next week, so get ready to start your testing engines!

Almost Frozenly,


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