[tahoe-dev] Tree frozen! Begin your (testing) engines!

Brian Warner warner at lothar.com
Sun Jan 23 22:14:48 UTC 2011

Ok, the last expected code changes have been committed, so I'm
officially closing the tree until we get 1.8.2 out the door. All
checkins must be approved by the release manager (me).

I'm currently aware of three remaining issues that block or appear to
block the release:

 #668: work is complete, Zooko said he would do some manual testing and
       the ticket shortly

 #1335: I noticed the buildbot's "tarballs" builder red yesterday, and
        it turns out the problem is that the "tahoe-deps.tar.gz" tarball
        was accidentally built incorrectly when it was updated last
        week. Zooko has agreed to fix this, hopefully today or tomorrow.
        This blocks 1.8.2 but doesn't require changes to the Tahoe
        source tree itself.

 "test-with-fake-pkg" buildbot failures: zooko says these are
    chronically misunderstood, and plans to explain what they really
    mean in ticket #1239. From my casual observation, it appears that
    the buildstep fails whenever the host buildslave contains a too-old
    version of some library that also happens to be a Tahoe dependency
    (for example Foolscap, or Twisted, which is used by buildbot
    itself). That doesn't mean *Tahoe* would fail on those hosts, since
    this buildstep is intended to find out what happens when Tahoe is
    used in a slightly unusual way. But we would like the whole buildbot
    to be green, so we'll need to think a bit about how to test the
    things we care about and also not get false-negatives from our test

I'll be assembling the NEWS entries over the next few days and updating
other in-tree docs. Now is the time to test, test, test! Please report
your results #1306, the 1.8.2 release ticket, starting from the
quickstart.rst instructions. OS packagers, please run your scripts
against the code in trunk and tell us about any problems you see, so
that the final release can be packaged smoothly on your OS of choice.

Target release date is in one week: 30-Jan-2011.

counting down!

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