[tahoe-dev] web "control panel", static server selection UI

Shawn Willden shawn at willden.org
Mon Jan 24 21:49:52 UTC 2011

On Mon, Jan 24, 2011 at 2:23 PM, Greg Troxel <gdt at ir.bbn.com> wrote:

> Sorry to be a wet blanket, but: I see why you propose this, but I
> worry that it will be too inflexible.
> A key property is that  with some churn things still work.  Once you add
> 'required', that breaks.

I don't see a problem with that at all.  If you don't want things to break
because you're requiring servers, then don't use the "required" checkbox.
 But I can see value in having the option of specifying that you'd rather
have uploads fail if your desired set of servers isn't available.

> I wonder about a priority # per server, to bias the selection rather than
> being absolute.

Assuming this functionality can be exposed via the API, you could always
build an upload tool that allows you to implement whatever sort of selection
criteria you want.  I think the simple binary selection is the right way to

> If I check required, then I have no resilience to a server being
> unreachable once in a while.  If I had 6 servers and each were there 99% of
> the time I might not care which 5 of the 6 got shares.

So don't check "required".  Instead, uncheck "allowed" on all but the six
servers.  Or if there are only six in the grid, just leave it alone and the
defaults will do what you want.

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