[tahoe-dev] zsh completer

Chris Palmer chris at noncombatant.org
Thu Jan 27 19:24:57 UTC 2011

Zooko O'Whielacronx writes:

> > programs is a reaction to the bug that mounting tahoe into the
> > filesystem is not the standard approach.
> Can we make this complaint into something specific enough to be
> ticketable?

TODO: The following should work:

$ tahoe-fuse my-root-dir-cap.txt ~/my-tahoe
$ cd ~/my-tahoe
$ ls -AF
music/         candy/        lasers/
noodles.txt    wumpkins.doc  gronk.py*
$ ./g<TAB>
Welcome to Gronk. Press L to fire lasers, or C to eat candy.
--> Exiting Gronk.
$ vim new-file.txt


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