[tahoe-dev] zsh completer

Jeremy Fitzhardinge jeremy at goop.org
Thu Jan 27 19:43:58 UTC 2011

On 01/25/2011 07:41 PM, Chris Palmer wrote:
> eurekafag writes:
>> What are you talking about? Sort of delirium or what?
> Actually, yes. Tahoe-LAFS' refusal to work like a filesystem makes me
> delerious.

I've been playing with s3ql, which is a fuse frontend for Amazon S3.  It
does a very nice job of giving local-filesystem-like performance while
keeping the network storage mostly uptodate.

It occurred to me that if Tahoe implemented the S3 API (as a frontend,
rather than a backend), then it would Just Work with this and many other
tools.  I suspect, from 1.2 ns of thinking about it, that it would be a
pretty good match, since Tahoe and S3 have similarish performance
characteristics and semantics.

(One possible disadvantage with s3ql is that it uses s3 as a datastore,
but in a form that's unusable by anything else - it just ends up being a
bucket full of a mass of objects with meaningless names.   But that's
just one of the design tradeoffs in this space...)


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