[tahoe-dev] 0.8.2b1 - new/wrong dependencies

Brian Warner warner at lothar.com
Sat Jan 29 21:49:39 UTC 2011

On 1/29/11 12:16 PM, Greg Troxel wrote:
> David-Sarah Hopwood <david-sarah at jacaranda.org> writes:
>> [make check, test documentation]
> Thanks - I've hooked in make test to pkgsrc, which amusingly enough lets
> users run 'make test' because 'make check' in a pkg checks packaging things.
>>> That then got some failures, but at the end:
>>>   Ran 839 tests in 519.880s
>>>   PASSED (skips=8, expectedFailures=3, successes=828)
>>> The tests were apparently trying to write a file into the installed
>>> version of twisted, which (correctly) failed with EPERM.

It's hard to see from the output, but I believe your run actually
produced a couple of warnings, a couple of "TODO"
known-to-fail-so-we-ignore-them tests, and finished with an overall
success. This is all good.

The expectedFailures=3 should be correlated with 3 individual tests
being marked "TODO" and some failure text. We really ought to get around
to resolving these, but they don't indicate a problem with your test
environment. Likewise with the SKIPs.

> Zooko suggested this was a twisted/plugin issue.  I get the same failure
> when running foolscap tests with no tahoe, so I think it's fair to point
> at foolscap/twisted/packaging for now rather than tahoe.

The "dropin.cache" thing is actually a known Twisted warning. It's
harmless. Twisted is trying to speed up future operations by caching the
result of scanning for plugins. The typical Twisted 'sudo python
setup.py install' process doesn't create this cache file, but the first
time you run 'twistd' or 'trial' it attempts to, and usually fails
because Twisted was installed by root into some directory that a
non-root user can't write to.

It can safely be ignored, but it's quite annoying. You could make it go
away by running 'sudo twistd' after Twisted is installed, which shows a
bunch of help text but happens to create the cached plugin list as a
side-effect. I think Debian fixed the problem by doing something similar
as part of their post-install script. Twisted should probably fix the
problem correctly by silently catching IOError when they attempt to
write the cache file.


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