[tahoe-dev] short usage report: tahoe-lafs 1.8.1 in I2P

echelon echelon at i2pmail.org
Mon Jan 31 08:46:08 UTC 2011


Someone noted to writeup a short usage report of Tahoe-LAFS in I2P.
Very short: it works ;-)

The users duck and smeghead has done the initial version of tahoe-lafs
1.6.1 for I2P with some patches.
After some time it was reported 1.8.1 to be easy to adopt and work
inside of I2P. Duck has done that work and now 1.8.1 works inside of I2P.
State of this network is:
-18-20 of 25 storage servers up and running
-one introducer
-more than 20 client users
-some GB of available storage space
-my node holds currently 1.4 GB data
-Speed is a issue inside of I2P. Usual upload transfer rate is 5-10
kb/sec for me. Download is partly faster in the 5-20 kb/sec area.

Installation of 1.8.1 with duck patches to work inside of I2P is quit
easy and straight forward on a debian box so far.
All needed files were fetched across the I2P network (via ducks eepsite
and the proxy into real net).
Duck has done some initial docs to setup a client and a storage node
with the small adoptions for I2P and his introducer to the test net.
So: installation and setup easy, startup easy, to.
Copy files into storage is done via tahoe cp by myself, it works. Due to
speed issues (max. 10-20 kb/sec transfers) large files are not possible,
all files above 50 MB takes to long and schould be splitted ahead of
copy it into tahoe-lafs.
A parallel upload of parts onto the tahoe-lafs could speed it up
(currently it uploads share 1, share2, shar3,.. serial; instead copy 3
shares in parallel onto 3 storage server, each with 10 kb/sec).

As some nodes get down and up again over time, we need to repair our
uploads from time to time. For my ~700 MB I pushed into I2P-tahoe-lafs
it takes round about 15h. Sometimes more, sometimes less.

I still upload more files into storage grid to get to the limits and see
whats needed to be done.

In the end: it works but needs some more polish and features (parallel
up/download, multi-introducer).


P.S.: I2P - http://www.i2p2.de
ducks eepsite: http://duck.i2p inside of I2P (or http://duck.i2p.to)

I2P is a low latency overlay network like Tor (but only with net
internal connections more or less same as Tor hidden services).
The I2P-Tahoe-LAFS works completely inside of I2P and users setup a
storage node and connect via I2P tunnels to introducer. Clients itselfs
connects via I2P tunnels to introducer and storage nodes.
Each destination is independent of IP, nobody should know on which IP a
service/destination/client runs on.
I2P with I2P-tahoe-lafs could be seen partly similar to the freenet project.

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