[tahoe-dev] Master thesis - contributing to Tahoe-Lafs

Andre Stenvall spekkes at gmail.com
Thu Mar 3 23:52:28 UTC 2011

I'm in the starting phase of my master thesis in computer science and I 
think this would be a good opportunity to contributing to the open 
source community. My supervisor at the universitysuggested Tahoe-LAFS 
and from what I have read so far this is one interesting project.

The scalability problems caught my interest, in particular these 
tickets: #68, #235, #444. I know that #68 has been solved by adding the 
possibility to add several introducers to a grid. I want to make a 
system that is independent from external services like the introducer. A 
node should be able to join with the assistance of an arbitrary node 
within the grid.
However, the basic idea is to remove the dependency of full-mesh and 
implement some kind of a DHT solution.

I'm considering to support some kind of locality in the solution. This 
could have negatively impact on the uniform distribution but in large 
global grids locality is a desirable property for achieving good 

The main goal is to increase my knowledge in this area and if the 
implemented solution is successful it will be contributed.

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