[tahoe-dev] Some questions about setting up a storage grid

Jiawei Jiang jiawei at email.arizona.edu
Sat Mar 5 03:52:36 UTC 2011

We are investigating (performing a feasibility analysis) setting up a
storage grid (100 - 200 nodes) and have questions regarding what is involved
to set this up. I know that some configurations really depend. There is much
information on the website, so I am sorry if some of my questions are
already answered.

Which is a better choice to install client software on, introducer or users'

1. If we choose introducer, need the server equipped with high CPU,or how
long will it take to encrypt a 1GB document typically?
Can we connect some external drives (maybe without IP address), to the
introducer as storage nodes? Or will storage servers(without OS) work as the
storage nodes?

2. For the other choice, we do not need to consider the server burden, but
to install clients on dozens of computers also take a lot efforts. And is
there OS limitation? (e.g. Linux)

Really appreciate your time and help.

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