[tahoe-dev] Robocopy

Greg Troxel gdt at ir.bbn.com
Sun Mar 6 12:35:28 UTC 2011

Jim Dorrington <jdorrington at compuguide.info> writes:

> I'm still a novice and am currently experimenting with the Tahoe-LAFS Web
> interface but eventually I'd like to implement a Robocopy backup solution.
> I've searched the last 6 month of the archive and drawn a blank.
> I want to setup a backup system that backups up only those files that have
> changed and Robocopy does a good job at this. The problem is that it needs
> to see a drive letter. 
> This probably means I need to set up Fuse for Windows, but I'm already way
> out of my depth and would appreciate some guidance or a pointer to some
> worked examples.

I don't have any insight about windows, but:

  'tahoe backup' may do what you want.

  IMHO backup program and filesystem should be entirely decoupled

  IMHO tahoe should be accessible via the filesystem (probably via FUSE)
  as the main mode.

  you may want to use something like unix dump and store dumpfiles in
  tahoe instead.  but probably not

So heading towards fuse sounds reasonable to me, but at this moment I
think this is a bit of a hacking project, not a simple setup.
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