[tahoe-dev] Pubgrid news

David Triendl david at triendl.name
Tue Mar 8 19:58:07 UTC 2011

Hi everyone,

I just finished moving the pubgrid to a new server and decided that I should
use the occasion for some status updates:

* gdt updated the wiki page with some social norms and "rules". I think they
  are a good idea and if you use the pubgrid you should read his changes.
* I removed one storage server, soultcer at skulls, please repair your files if
* As noted above I moved the pubgrid web gateway, introducer and stats gatherer
  to a different vServer and dedicated about 15 GB of storage to the pubgrid. I
  will resort to deleting shares manually (biggest files first) should the node
  become full despite garbage collection being enabled.
* I added a big fat warning for Chinese uses who thought that using a public
  web gateway to a tahoe grid is magically secure (hint: It's not). I should
  have done this long ago. Thanks to Zooko for the idea and Jonathan M. for the
* To further warn users the additional domain name insecure.tahoe-lafs.org was
  set up by Zooko and all HTTP requests to pubgrid.tahoe-lafs.org will be
  redirected to it.
* The graphs are not back up yet, but I am working on getting Munin to produce
  nice graphs again.
* I will create a tar archive of files needed to restore the pubgrid in the
  case of my disappearance and send it to the following people: Zooko, Brian
  Warner and David-Sarah Hopwood. Zooko is in control of the domain


* Pubgrid wiki page: http://tahoe-lafs.org/trac/tahoe-lafs/wiki/TestGrid
* Pubgrid web gateway: http://insecure.tahoe-lafs.org/
* Pubgrid introducer: http://insecure.tahoe-lafs.org/introducer/
* Pubgrid graphs (under construction): http://insecure.tahoe-lafs.org/graphs/
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