[tahoe-dev] 1.9 update, MDMF

Brian Warner warner at lothar.com
Thu Oct 13 17:17:22 UTC 2011

Ok, we finally landed the web-frontend changes to make it easier to use
MDMF files (#1552, the "upload a file" form now has a three-option
radiobox for CHK/SDMF/MDMF instead of one toggle for "mutable" and a
second two-option radiobox for SDMF/MDMF).

I've added one more blocker for b1 (#1561), which is to change the CLI
to do the same thing: instead of --mutable and
--mutable-type=(SDMF|MDMF), just have a single --format=(CHK|SDMF|MDMF),
and of course continue to accept --mutable for backwards compatibility.

If I can get that one done today, then I can tag beta1 this evening.
Phew! After that, we should be API stable, and it'll just be docs and
packaging. I need to make a new Foolscap release, possibly this weekend,
and we'll want to do some interopability testing against it. Also I'd
like to make sure Tahoe works correctly against current Twisted trunk
(the foolscap release is involved), since they'll probably make a new
release during 1.9's lifespan.

Like a new zombie, 1.9 is starting to awaken. Be ready :)


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