[tahoe-dev] 1.9.0 beta1 is tagged!

Brian Warner warner at lothar.com
Fri Oct 14 17:22:19 UTC 2011

On 10/14/11 8:04 AM, Greg Troxel wrote:

> Thanks for 1) making the unpacked dir match the version in the file and

Glad that helps.. it's part of the tarball-generation automation, so it
should always work that way.

> I am assuming while a new foolscap release is pending, 1.9.0 will not
> require it.

Correct. The dependency is actually going to be driven by Twisted. Tahoe
(both current 1.8.3 and upcoming 1.9.0) is happy with both current
Foolscap-0.6.1 and upcoming Foolscap-0.6.2 . Both current Foolscap-0.6.1
and upcoming Foolscap-0.6.2 are happy with current Twisted-11.0.0 . But
current Foolscap-0.6.1 is not compatible with Twisted trunk, which means
that as soon as they make their next release, 0.6.1 won't be compatible
with that. So Foolscap-0.6.2 will be a pre-emptive compatibility strike.

I'm not sure how Tahoe is most likely to express this, or if it's even
possible to do something on the Tahoe side to help users get compatible
versions of the dependencies. The worry is that someone will either a)
have a working installation, update Twisted (but not Foolscap), and then
things will break, or b) will have Foolscap-0.6.1 already installed,
install Tahoe from scratch, wind up with a later Twisted version, and
things will break.

We've addressed this in the past by articifically raising the dependency
on the troubled library (in this case it'd be by declaring Tahoe to
require Foolscap-0.6.2, even though it doesn't really). But I don't
think we'll do that until the new Twisted comes out, if at all. (their
current release was made last January, so they're kinda due, but I
haven't seen any schedules).

> I did get the following complaints when building:


The last two are a clear mistake: those libraries don't need interpreter
shbang lines. The other four are occasionally run as developer testing
tools: check_memory.py and check_speed.py are run by our buildbot on
each commit, check_grid.py was run to make sure the old AllMyData
production grid was still working, and check_load.py is a
manually-triggered traffic-generator for load testing.

I think we can just remove the shbang lines from them.. to get the Tahoe
dependencies right, they're all run from our Makefile with a funky "@"
invocation that winds up running "python .../check_speed.py", so the
interpreter line isn't really necessary.

I'll land a patch to fix that shortly. Thanks for the catch!


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