[tahoe-dev] Tahoe-LAFS Logo selection

Ted Rolle Jr. stercor at gmail.com
Mon Oct 24 17:23:25 UTC 2011

All the emblems I've seen express Tahoe-LAFS's functionality; however, none
of them is simple.

I propose that we get away from a description of the Tahoe-LAFS mission and
functionality --- with its intricate design -- and go for a simple,
easily-recognizable emblem.  When

Unfortunately I'm not a graphic designer.  My web sites are plain, but they
do heavy lifting; databases, for example.

I'll think along the 'less is more' lines.  I'll even ask my daughter, who *
is* an artist, for suggestions.

“Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when
there is nothing left to *take
” Antoine de Saint-Exupery
French <http://thinkexist.com/nationality/french_authors/>
Writer <http://thinkexist.com/occupation/famous_writers/> and
Author<http://thinkexist.com/occupation/famous_authors/>of 'The Little
1900 <http://thinkexist.com/birthday/june_29/>-1944<http://thinkexist.com/birthday/july_31/>

Adapting this quote to itself: "Less is more."

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