[tahoe-dev] Rebuild and re-upload again in Storage Node

rvny at mail.ru rvny at mail.ru
Mon Sep 5 11:55:36 UTC 2011

Planned in the future in Tahoe option for ReRelease on node (then not all node's have recommended stored data)?

Example: 5 Node. 3 node minimal configuration, optimal and maximum is 5 nodes. I upload files, In some times 2 nodes is down. I add new 2 nodes.
How I configure in node the ReRelease saved data (3 node minimum to next New 2 node)? Only in web interface? But if the destroy one of this free worked from first install nodes, my aviable data not restored. I wan't have tool for ReReliase old data to new nodes.


(Who recommended link to my page with GPL v3 and Tahoe 1.9 on you Download section Tahoe-Lafs)

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